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Jarin Wilson • Commercial Videographer

Based out of AZ, Founder, Jarin Wilson is using his love of cinematography and storytelling to create inspiring and story-driven videos. While his passion for film has become quite prevalent over the years, Jarin’s first passion and love was the art of dance, which still holds a special place in his heart. With this strong connection with music and dance, Jarin planned to pursue a career that involved it. Things changed though in the year 2020 when, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jarin had the opportunity to delve into the art of video production. He was instantly drawn to the craft, being a fan of movies and videos and the process behind making them. Jarin decided to pursue the path of video production, seeing a chance to have a positive influence on the industry, Upon starting his video production company JAYWFILMS in 2021, Jarin moves forward with the goal to help brands and artists grow through exceptional video content. He continues to grow his skills in an effort to become a recognizable name in the film industry.



"I'm on a mission to use my creativity and talents in the world of filmmaking to help brands, artists, and individuals make something of themselves through storytelling and exceptional videos. I'm here to not only create long-lasting relationships but to help individuals and brands grow and improve themselves in their creative pursuits. I thrive on seeing people improve themselves in their individual arts and crafts." - Jarin Wilson, Founder

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