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What does the process look like?

Why should I make a music video?

A music video is a great way to add a captivating story and/or visuals to your music. Also, it's great for marketing! Music videos allow a viewer to better connect with your music which, in turn, helps promote your music beyond the track itself. It has been seen that video captures a person's attention for longer than other types of media. Therefore, combining music and video together helps create a lasting impression of your music, which helps with brand awareness.


Our projects are generally split up into a three-step process: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

  • Pre-Production: This phase involves all your brainstorming and planning. Essentially, this is the phase where we get your music video mapped out and come to understand your wants and needs as an artist. Don't have a specific vision for your projects? No need to worry! We will work with you to better understand your music brand and develop an idea that will work with your audience.

  • Production: This phase is where we execute the vision for the music video. We'll come together to capture the video using all the resources we can to bring your vision to life. If the project permits it, we may higher on extra hands to better capture the vision of your brand.

  • Post-Production: This is simply where we create the content that you envisioned by taking it to the editing room and crafting your musical masterpiece. We take pride in our content, and as such, we offer up to three revisions for free on your video content to ensure that we meet your needs as a company. Following this, we will deliver the final music video to you which you can now use in your marketing and advertising campaigns. 


How much does it cost?

How long is a piece of string? The price of your project will depend on how big your vision is. Celebrity features big sets, special effects, etc. all factor into the price of your project and/or campaign. We don't believe that one size fits all in regards to video so we deliver custom quotes for each of our clients based on their brand's individual needs, which may vary. Additionally, we strive to charge affordable prices that beat our competitors while still delivering amazing service and incredible results.

Let's make something together.

Let's make something together.

Let's make something together.

Our Clients

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